Gordon Fitzgerald

Senior Loan Officer

Gordon Fitzgerald has helped clients qualify for mortgages for over 17 years. His range of clients include first time homebuyers struggling to put together a down payment, all the way to the self-employed buyer, hoping to qualify for their first $1,000,000 home. Gordon has helped buyers as far West as California and as far East as Maine over the years.Recently, he has focused his business on Texas buyers, and works by personal referral from previous clients and Realtors he trusts.

For those who already own a home, he can help with a plan to get the existing mortgage paid off and the home is treated as an asset.

Take a few moments to click “Apply for a Loan” in order to download our app so you may fill out your application and use our loan calculators. Gordon will be happy to help you create a detailed plan to qualify and get approved for your next home.