November Home Maintenance

Use this November Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist to get your home ready for winter and to protect your family.  It’s also a great time to get ready for the holidays and prepare for holiday visitors.

1. SECURE YOUR HOME FROM PESTS AND CRITTERS- It’s cold outside and critters are just like us – they want to be warm.  Because of cooler temperatures they’re heading into warm homes and hiding out where they can.  Bugs and pests are known to head indoors too.   Make sure to screen attic vents, check openings to chimneys and seal cracks

2.  CLEAN YOUR AIR VENTS – With windows open in the summer dirt and grime tend to get in homes. Everyone is enjoying summer weather and running in and outside.

Dirt migrates in vent covers and ducts become a breeding ground for all types of dust mites.  Because of heat blowing during cool months this will cause the dirt and grime to blow throughout your home.

3. CLEAN OUT YOUR REFRIGERATOR -With the holidays approaching it’s a good idea to clean out your refrigerator.  Reduce the risk of food poisoning by keeping your refrigerator clean and hygienic.   Dump out the ‘expired’ items. Clean the shelves, free up space and have a shiny refrigerator to store your holiday culinary treats and leftovers.

4. WINTERIZE YOUR AC UNIT – Make sure your AC unit is protected from the elements and extreme weather conditions. If you maintain your unit you’ll have a well running, solid unit for years to come.

5. CHECK YOUR SMOKE ALARMS AND CO2 DETECTORS- Inspect your smoke alarms and CO2 Detectors.  Start the holidays knowing that your family, visitors and home are safe.

6. REPLACE YOUR WEATHER STRIPPING- Take a look at your weather stripping on your doors and windows.  Worn out weather stripping allows cold air to seep into your home and as a result you’re heating bill can be higher.  Save on your utility bills and keep the draft out by maintaining and updating your weather stripping.

7.  PREP YOUR POOL- A Pool can add value to your home. But, if is not well maintained can lead to a lot of trouble. A simple Frameless Pool Fences can add to the look and the value of your home. Make sure to look for an expert like Nu-Lite who can help you find the right glass screen installations for your pool .

8.  GET A CAR SAFETY KIT- With winter weather comes more car and weather related problems.

You never know when you may be stuck somewhere for a while.  This could be car related or you’re stuck due to an accident or weather conditions.    Have a car safety kit and keep blankets & gloves in your vehicle.