Improve Your Sales Communication With Video!

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July 20th Class

Improve Your Sales Communication With Video!

Let’s face it; it’s hard to get face to face with your prospects, clients, team members and other business owners who are directly and indirectly responsible for your success these days. But that’s where you’re most effective in terms of connecting, communicating, and converting.

Stop entrusting your most important and most valuable messages to plain, typed-out text, email or social media posts that don’t build trust or rapport, won’t differentiate you, and won’t generate the responses you need.

Instead, try using simple videos for some of your sales communication.

On this call, Scott Hudspeth will share an amazing and easy to use platform called!

He will share with you

  • Ease of video in your emails
  • Ease of video in your text messages
  • Screen Recording, record yourself, your screen, or both to review documents, give presentations, or educate your prospects and clients.
  • Follow Up, get live notifications of who watched your video and when so you can reach back out. Even see how long people watch your videos.
  • Every Device, inbox, mobile, and web – record from any device and have people play it back on any device.
  • And ideas on how to use all of this to better communicate with everyone!