December Home Maintenance

December is a time of celebration and to prepare for the new.  Use this Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist to get your home ready for winter and to protect your family.  You love your home and your family so why not protect both and enjoy them both for years to come.

  1. Complete Deep Dusting.  wipe down light switches, dust your lamps and give your baseboards a solid dusting.
  2. Check all Outdoor Lights.  Lights outside are fabulous this time of year!  It gets darker early and the weather conditions are unpredictable so light it up and enjoy for shorter highers of daylight.
  3. Caulk your Shower.  Nice warm baths and showers are a must during the winter months.  Check to make sure they are caulked to prevent water damage.
  4. Caulk your Toilets to the floor as well.
  5. Clean the Range Hood.  This time of year cooking for the holidays is essential and the stove and oven are getting a lot of use!  your range hood funnels out fumes and odors out of your home.  Not only is dirty hood ugly to see but it can be dangerous.
  6. Check Flashlights.  Winter is known for power outages.  Now is a good time to make sure you have a good supply of batteries on hand.
  7. Store Water.  Now is a great time to stock up on drinking water.  Winter time may cause pipes to freeze.  Even though Texas is a warmer climate; it never hurts to have plenty of water on hand in the event of an emergency.
  8. Check Attic Insulation.  Make sure your home is well insulated.  Proper insulation can help lower your heating bill.

The December home maintenance checklist is a good start. Add to it as you like. Maybe there’s something here you’ve meant to get done but it’s slipped your mind.  We love helping our clients make the most of their home purchase. We not only give financial advise but tips on how to keep your investment a good one.  If we can be of any other service to you; please don’t hesitate to text, call, or email your questions.  We are here to serve you !  We Work for you; not the bank!