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About Storehouse Mortgage

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best mortgage broker shop in the community . We believe in transparency and we give trusted advice in order to impact the lives of others through responsible home ownership.

Our Mission

We are your one stop shop for all things mortgage. As you can see by our name we don’t mind being just a bit different. We built Storehouse Mortgage for YOU- to help you build a storehouse of wealth in your real estate needs. We are high tech, high touch and love helping people. We felt that there was a void in the mortgage industry. There were big banks with low quality service and low rate, and there were private mortgage banks with high quality service and unfortunately high rates. Why can’ t you have both? You can. What the industry doesn’t want you to know is the reason you get either poor service or high interest rates, is because YOU the consumer have to pay for all of the layers of management. We eliminated that. Founded by Eddie Skinner our tireless boss and creative mind behind Storehouse, we wanted to be different. Eddie eliminated the layers and invested the savings back in YOU the consumer. With high tech, high touch and competitive rates the competition can only dream of, Welcome to the Storehouse Mortgage family!

Our Team

David Cos

David Cos

NMLS ID: 265048 - Senior Loan Officer

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